Water into Wine

(Resource Pack 28) KEY STAGE 1&2

VISUAL AID: Magic Red Rope or magic coloured cloth, whichever works best for you

AIM: Gifts become special when given to serve God

MUSIC: Water into Wine by Revd S Hamil


There are people who are quite gifted, who just CAN’T BE BOTHERED to develop their gifts, for example a gifted football player, who refuses to train and keep fit.

There are some people who become EMBARRASSED and are too shy to put themselves forward. I used to get very embarrassed when my father said to me, “Go and get your guitar and sing a song for your auntie to hear!”

Some people are SELFISH and keep gifts to themselves, such as a lottery win or a personal possession or present.

Some folk say they have no gifts to give at all… but EVERYONE has something that they are good at.

EVERYONE has something to offer someone else.

'I haven’t,' you may say. But that is rather like saying that this rope is white…"(Show them the white rope with the red silk cover pulled up and back) "And as you can see it is red!"

“No it isn’t red, It’s white” you may say. And I repeat, “Oh yes it is red !” ( Allow the red silk cover tube, to drop very quickly . It will cover the white rope in a second)

You can add.

It is when we serve others, that the WATER of our ordinary gift, turns into WINE. Tell the story about Jesus turning water into wine at the wedding at Cana in Galilee.

If you are brave enough you can try taking a jar of water, labelled WATER, and place a lid on top, which has previously been saturated with cochineal.

As you shake the jar the clear water will turn pink, turn the jar around to reveal the label WINE. It may be wise afterwards to explain that only Jesus could really change water into wine…that your attempt was just a trick!

READING: John 2. 1-11