Pentecost and the Hair Drier

Pentecost and the Hair Drier (Resource Pack 90) KEY STAGE 1 & 2

VISUAL AID: Have ready the Pentecost song on the Dependence Day CD by Dave Godfrey, and the cheerleader sticks to mime the actions to it; also a cake with non-extinguishable candles on, and a taper and lit candle at the ready. A hair dryer is needed, unplugged at first; and a box of sand would be useful for extinguishing all of the candles at the end of the assembly. Deckham is my puppet; he has gloves into which I can put my hands for signing, but mostly I use one hand to work his head. Today his hair will be wet.

Hello Deckham, say Good Morning to everyone.

(Shakes head)

Deckham what’s the matter, I know you’ve been looking forward to seeing all the children here, you told me so last night before you went to bed! Are you feeling shy?

(Shakes head)

Are you feeling scared?


Embarrassed? (keeps shaking his head)

I can’t understand this. I wouldn’t have brought you in, if I’d thought you’d act like this!

Did you or did you not want to come with me today?

(Nods head)

Ah! And did you or did you not say, you were going to be smart and make a good impression in front of the teachers?

(Nods head)

Well you are smart! You look good!

(Shakes his head)

Oh Deckham I know what’s wrong with you, your hair is still soaking wet! Is that’s what’s the matter?

(Nods his head)

Did you forget to dry it, after you’d washed it?

(Shakes his head?)

Then what was the problem?

(Whispers in my ear)

The hair dryer didn’t work? Why not?

(Whispers in my ear)

It’s broken?

(Nods his head)

Surely not, it’s brand new! Did you remember to use the switch for ‘On ~Off?

(Nods his head)

Deckham, you did remember to plug the hair dryer into the electricity supply, didn’t you?

(looks shocked and puts hand over mouth!)

Oh Deckham that’s what was the matter! Let’s do it now and you’ll feel a lot better!


Yes I can see you’re sorry! May I have the plug please?

Now I’ve made the connection and I’m trusting the power will be there, so I go into action and I turn the switch and there you go! I see it working.

(the hair dryer goes on, and he brightens up as I dry his hair.

Then turn off dryer thoughtfully)

You know Deckham, I came in to tell the boys and girls about Pentecost, and you’ve just given me an idea which will help me to help them understand what it’s all about.

(He looks interested)

The last time I came in I told the children about Easter, how Jesus was seen alive after he died, and all Jesus friends were happy and excited, but during that time he gave them an order, a command. He told them to WAIT! And they all did as they were told.

What would you want to do, if you saw Jesus alive after he had died?


Well apart from faint…


Yes I would too. But I’d also want to tell everyone about it.

So did the disciples, but they remembered Jesus’ words, ‘WAIT’. ‘Wait first until you receive power from on high, for the Holy Spirit is coming!’

Jesus wanted to give them this gift from God. The gift of the Holy Spirit.

If they received this gift it would be like plugging into electricity, and power would flow from God to them, and it would be just like Jesus was inside them. Only then could they go out and tell others the good news.


Can you receive the Holy Spirit today? Yes Deckham we can.


How? Well it’s rather like using the hair dryer before.

First we must be sorry for doing things our way. Like you were.

Then we simply ask…like I asked for the plug before.

Then we must trust that God’s power is there ready and waiting, just like we believe electricity will flow.

So in confidence we can then go into action!

There’s lots of things in the world we must do for God, and it’s important not to forget to be switched on, and we mustn’t try to do things in our own strength. That’s it really.

Pentecost was 50 days after Easter, the disciples waited all that time, but it was worth it, because they began doing the very things Jesus did, they began to have a real love for others, and they healed people who were poorly and helped those who were in trouble. They were given special words to say when they needed to teach the people or defend themselves. That was really the birthday of the church. Shall we light some candles on the cake as a reminder of Pentecost?

(Nods enthusiastically)

And shall we sing Happy birthday to the church?

The ring of candles reminds us of flames that appeared on the heads of all the disciples when they received the Holy Spirit.

When we blow with our breath it reminds us of the very powerful wind they all heard outside the window.

When we sing Happy birthday it reminds us of the strange words they were given to say, for they all began to speak in different languages.

But can you see Deckham, these candles can never be blown out, because God’s Holy Spirit is always there waiting to fill us so we can serve God better.

(he nods) Our Song today is about Pentecost. You can sit on someone else’s knee now (choose an older child) and do the actions along with me, and the boys and girls can too. It tells the story of Pentecost. Are you ready?

(he nods enthusiastically)