Supper in the Upper

~ Puppets at Easter ~ John 20.19-29

Needed: Jesus, Thomas and other disciples (Puppets)

Narrator speaks while the puppets act out the story. Underlined parts may be spoken out by the puppeteers.

Narrator: It was the evening on the first day of the week, and the doors were tightly closed for fear of the Jews.

The disciples were very afraid! (The disciple puppets peep over the top of the theatre, which is nothing more than a cloth hung horizontally on a long pole. They are trembling).

And suddenly Jesus came and stood among them, and they were all shocked! (puppets all scream).

But when they realised it was Jesus they all began to cheer (Hip, hip etc). He said to them all “Peace be with you”. (Jesus then disappears)

One of the disciples, called Thomas, had not been with them in the room when Jesus had come, so the disciples told him that they had seen Jesus.

He said to them “Oh no you have not”

They replied “Oh yes we have”

And they began to argue “Oh no you have not”…”Oh yes we have” etc.

However a week later the disciples were all in the upper room with the doors tightly closed for fear of the Jews, and this time Thomas was with them.

They were still very afraid. (They all peep over and tremble). And when Jesus appeared this time, again they screamed! (puppets scream).

But when they realised it was Jesus they all began to cheer! (“Hip, hip” etc)

“Thomas” said Jesus. “When I came here last time, you didn’t believe everyone, did you?”

“Oh yes I did!” said Thomas.

“Oh no you did not!” the others all said.

And they all began to argue. (“Oh yes I did”…”Oh no you didn’t” )

However this time Thomas believed.

“Look at my hands and feet! Now do you believe me?”

Oh yes I do!”

“Don’t start that again!” said Jesus

Thomas knelt before him and said “My Lord and my God!”

(Thomas bows down low)