I Am the Greatest

Mark 9.30-37

This drama highlights the argument which the disciples had, as to which disciple was the greatest, the highest one in 'the pecking order'.

Jesus reminds them that rather than search for greatness, power and prestige, they should rather seek to become servants. He sets before them a child, the lowest in the authority structure of society. This is the kind of person that matters in his father's kingdom.

This drama was written specifically for one particular church nearing the end of their interregnum.

Why not change this drama around to suit your own situation?


Last week, I was just thinking, how well you have all done in the interregnum. Soon you will have a new vicar, and I'm sure you are all excited, and really looking forward to her coming. But who really deserves the credit? We need to give them a vote of thanks… a presentation of some kind!

Which one of you has been in charge, all these months, holding the reins, so to speak? Who ought to be singled out and congratulated for all their hard work during this long tough interregnum? Who has been THE ONE everyone else has looked to in this time? Who has been truly great?

Lady Church Warden: I'm probably the 'GREATEST' person in this church because, in the absence of the vicar during our interregnum, I AM, after all, the church warden…

Church Warden also a woman) : Excuse me … but I'VE been church warden two years LONGER than you…therefore we can assume that I am the more SENIOR person…I am the one people look to…

Crucifer : I beg to differ…I, being the man, around here, am more of an authority figure here.

Church Wardens: Oh no you’re not !

Censor: The worship would fall apart without me, and all the background work I do…

Sunday School Teacher : This won't do….The one thing you are all forgetting, is that there would be NO CHURCH AND NO WORSHIP HERE IN THE FUTURE if it weren't for me and my input with the children…

Crucifer: But that's the easiest job of all in the church!

Sunday School Teacher: I don't think so! How many sleepless Saturday nights do you spend, wondering whether you've got it right?

More Senior person : May I speak for a moment? Surely if anyone is going to be declared the greatest around here it should be the longest serving member…namely me!

Lay Reader A: Hang on a second… just who do you think does all the pastoral work around here, the baptism visits, the funerals, etc.,etc.,? I'll have you all know that I AM the one keeping who’s been keeping this place afloat! I AM THE GREATEST!

(All begin to argue and repeat what they have just said)

Narrator: And JESUS…( they all stop arguing) and Jesus sat down and said to them, 'Whoever wants to be first, must be last of all and servant of all.' Then he took a little child, put it among them, and taking it in his arms, he said to them…

'Whoever welcomes such a child in my name welcomes me, and whoever welcomes me, welcomes not me, but the one who sent me.'