Bad Press

~Acts 28 .15~ same kind of problems then as now

(Enter two Christians sharing their thoughts. This is a drama where it seems what is taking place is in modern times, but by the end it is revealed that they are in fact Christians living at the time of Jesus, who had to put up with very much the same kind of problems then)

A We’re getting a very bad press at the moment, we Christians, have you noticed? Other faiths are exalted, shown the highest of respect, given space…Yet us….

B Yes indeed, every which way we turn someone’s putting us down or making up lies, even scorning the cross. They never see the positive aspects of about our faith!

A Somehow we’re looked on as the fools, the weird ones!

B Propaganda against us is rife; I’m beginning to think it’s a plot, I’m telling you now!

A It makes you think things are going to get rough indeed in the not too distant future. It fills me with a sense of dread.

B I don’t know what we’ve done to deserve it?

A We do our best, we give to the needy, we try to be just and fair! We try to love others and do good.

B We meet often to worship God, we try to tell people how great and wonderful God is!

A But there’s such a lot of competition these days… so many other gods around for people to worship! They’re all over the place, in homes, the stadium, the shops.

B Most people just don’t want to know though, they’re switched off by religion or they’re so wrapped up in themselves they don’t see the need!

A Some people say we’re too religious, that there’s something sinister about us, that we’re messing with people’s minds, that we’re guilty of indoctrination.

B What’s the world coming to?

A It’s a worry isn’t it? And everywhere we turn there’s a depressing lack of morals! You wouldn’t believe some of the things people get up to nowadays!

B It’s getting so bad, I just want to scream ‘ENOUGH?!’

A And the violence! Our prisons are full to bursting!

B It’s such a worry! Things can only get worse! What sort of world will our children grow up in?

A It keeps me awake at nights, worrying about it!

B Well you’re not the only one! I’m very concerned too!

(at this point the audience has the impression that this drama takes place in today’s world, but make this next sentence very clear.)

A Never mind come, we’re due to meet brother Paul at the Forum of Appius and the Three Taverns this evening. We have a long journey if we’re to get there on time. He’s been spending a week in Puteoli with some brothers.

B Has he?

A They sent word to us to receive him…

B I can’t wait to meet him…..

(They go out discussing…. )

A They say he’s been in jail a few times…caused a few disturbances here and there…

B Oh the tabloids will just love that!