The Story of Cinderella

Please leave the ‘Christ’ in Christmas

Many people have seen this drama already, but I don’t know who wrote it. Do you?

I think it circulated around the Women’s Guild at one time, but I first saw it at a concert in Heddon-on-the-Wall near Newcastle, and I was helpless laughing at it. I am going to use it at a Carol Concert shortly to show how Jesus, it seems, is being taken right out of the picture when it come to Christmas, just like Cinderella being banished to the kitchen.

N: The story of Cinderella, I am the


C: I am Cinderella.

P: I am Prince Charming.

U: I am the ugly sister.

F: I am the Fairy Godmother.

C: I am beautiful.

P: I am handsome.

U: I am ugly.

F: I am good.

N: Scene 1 The Kitchen.

C: I am sad.

U: I am going to the ball.

Clean my shoes.

C: Alright!

N: End of Scene 1

N: Scene 2 The Kitchen.

C: I am sad.

F: Why are you sad?

C: I am not going to the ball.

F: You may go to the ball.

C: Alright!

N: Appear one coach

(N sits and stands again)

N; Plus accessories

F: Be back before twelve.

C: Alright

N: End of Scene 2

N; Scene 3 The Ball

U: Who’s that/

P: She’s beautiful

(P sits and stand again)

P: Will you dance?

C: I must go!

N: Dong!

C: I must go.

P: She has left her slipper.

N: End of Scene 3.

N: Scene 4 The Kitchen

C: I am sad

N: Enter Prince Charming.

P: Try this.

U: It fits.

P: It doesn’t.

(P sits and stand sup again)

P; Try this.

C: It fits.

P: It does. I love you

C: I love you.

P: Marry me.

C: Alright.

(C sits and stands again)

C: I am happy

U: I am sad

P: I am married.

F: I am still good.

N: The end.

C: Alright.