Isaiah 55

Artwork: Katharine Syron

In Isaiah 55. 10-13 we come to see how spreading God’s word is important. When it is enjoyed, preached, spoken or shared it will bring life and new growth and goodness.

Just as a plant is watered and nourished by the rain and the snow, so God’s word will not return to him empty, without doing the job it was meant to do.

· If God’s word can do all this, is it right to keep it to just to ourselves?

· Should we read it more? Do we read it at all?

· How should we start to read God’s word? Who should we ask to help us?

· Look up Hebrews 4.12. How does it describe God’s word there?

· Ask a Christian you know, what the Bible means to them, and what difference it makes in their life.

· Divide into two groups, and see who can make up the most expressive dance to this music and the message.

Question for children:

What is the most important thing to do,so that a plant can actually grow strong and healthy?

(plant the seed in the first place)

Do you have a favourite bible verse or a favourite story?


39 Isaiah 55: Isaiah 55. verses 10-13

(to the tune ‘Pick a bale of cotton )

See the rain and the snowfall coming down from heaven,

see it journey, to the ground below.

Watering the earth, see it bud and flourish,

yielding all the seed that the sower has to sow.

Oh Lordy, what ya tryin’ to teach us?

Oh Lordy, what ya want to say?

Hear my word a comin down from heaven,

it’s just like the rainfall, just like the snow.

It will not return to me without achieving,

all that was meant for the people down below!

Oh Lordy, what ya tryin’ to teach us?

Oh Lordy what ya want to say?

The mountains and the hills will sing out before you,

the trees of the field will clap their hands in joy.

And where thorns grew, instead you’ll see the pine tree,

and myrtle, where the briar ought to go.

“O People, my word is here to teach ya.

Oh People, listen well today!” Chorus X 2

© words Sheila Hamil 2012