(Resource Pack ) KEY STAGE 2 & 3

VISUAL AID: Two orchids, one real, one artificial.

Use bell and horn for correct and wrong answers below, as in ‘Family Fortunes’.

If the answer is correct, they will hear a bell, if it’s not they will hear the horn

Here are two orchids... which one is real? Which one is not?

What are the signs that will tell us which one is alive and real and which one is false?

Ø It is real we will see roots once we remove the plant from the pot.

Ø If we are careful watering it, when it is supposed to be watered, it will grow

Ø If we leave it in a dark place it will grow pale

Ø If we put it in direct sunlight it will die.

Ø We will be able to smell it and tell!

Ø By touching it we could tell!


Listen to this story for the answer...

All the animals and people of the kingdom considered King Solomon to be the “wisest of the wise.”

When the Queen of Sheba heard of his wisdom, she sent a message saying that she wished to visit King Solomon to test his wisdom.

On the morning of her expected arrival, a sting on the nose woke King Solomon from his sleep. He summoned all the stinging insects of the kingdom to find out who the culprit was.

A timid bee admitted it was an accident, but nevertheless his fault.. He mistook the king’s big, beautiful nose for a flower.

The bee was forgiven and he promised to help the king in return, one day.

The Queen of Sheba arrived later that day and made arrangements to meet with King Solomon the very next day. She wished to present a challenge that would prove whether he really was as clever as people believed.

The next day, the queen revealed eight flowers that looked and smelt exactly the same, but only one was real.

The king’s challenge was to find the real flower. The king examined each flower closely but was baffled. However, his new friend, the bee came to the rescue, and flew straight to the real flower.

As a result, the king selected the right flower and the Queen of Sheba was impressed by his wisdom.

Answer: The bee!

In the book of Proverbs Chapter 4 verse 7, the bible teaches us to ‘Get wisdom, though it costs us all we have!’

What exactly is wisdom? Who knows another name for it? (Learning, understanding, knowledge]

And how might we do this?

It also gives reasons for seeking wisdom in verse 8-9. It says wisdom will lift us up, and bring many good things our way!

Why do you think this might happen?