Shadow Drama ~ Good Friday

Matt 27.33-44; Mark 15.22-32

(Again a large white sheet and a strong light source is needed so that the children’s shadows can be shown miming the actions, while the narrator reads out the poem. A large cross may be used)

So they took him and they booked him,

And they began to pull his beard,

They poked and they prodded him,

They mocked him and they jeered.

They stripped him and they whipped him,

He was pierced by thorny crown,

They dressed him up like royalty

Put on a kingly gown.

They battered him and bruised him

They beat him with their fists

They taunted and confused him

And then they tied his wrists.

They spat on him and laughed at him,

And were not satisfied,

Till they’d led him to a rubbish heap,

And had him crucified

It wasn’t till the sky went black,

When they had had their fun,

That a soldier, a centurion,

Realised what they’d done,

For I distinctly overheard him say....

“Surely, this was God’s son!”