Parable of the Slave in Charge of the Household Drama

Parable of the Slave in Charge of the Household: Luke 12.35-46

Surprise Surprise is a popular show on television whereby ordinary people who have done extraordinary things which help others,

are recognised and rewarded. Holly Willoughby is their presenter.

Tonight the spotlight will shine on a slave who has given years of service to his master, while he has been abroad, and in the process the slave has himself become a rich man.

Holly: Good evening and welcome to Surprise , Surprise! My name is Holly Willoughby, and it’s my

enormous privilege and pleasure to be able to meet some of the finest people around, ordinary

people who do extraordinary things, for others. One such man came to our attention just last

week, he is, would you believe, a slave who has clocked up many years of service for his master

who is away on business abroad. Let’s see where he is in our audience:

(Music: and a spotlight in the form of a large torch, is shone around upon the audience and it lands on the slave,

who has had a little too much to drink. Everyone claps, and Holly goes to sit beside the man to begin her interview with him.)

Holly: Your name’s Harry I believe, are you surprised that the spotlight is shining on you?

Slave: Surprised? I’m shocked to say the least. (he hiccups)

Holly; And who do you have with you in the audience this evening Harry? Who’s come along with you?

Slave: Well this is my frady lend, my lady friend Trixibelle, this is my pal Bob the Bookie, and this is Big

Norman, my pinking dral, er my drinking pal.

Holly: My what a lot of friends you have Harry? Let’s leave them for a moment and come with me.

(They go up onto the stage for the next part of the interview)

Holly: You had quite a bad time though recently didn’t you Harry? Not long ago, after all these years of

service that you’ve given, some people, former servants at the master’s house, accused you of

something didn’t they? But you threw those accusations off and were acquitted, were you not?

What was it they accused you of?

Slave: GBH

Holly; Which is?

Slave; Grievous Bodily Harm.

Holly: Oh dear, sounds nasty. How vey awful for you! Is there any danger of this happening again?

Slave: I can safely say the case is closed. They will . . .how shall I say . . .never bother me again. Made

sure of that!

Holly: And now I hear you’re a millionaire yourself, an entrepreneur! How did you manage to make so

much money, when you’re so heavily involved running your master’s estates at the same time.

Slave: (he winks and taps the side of his nose!)

Holly: Well I’m sure all this comes with your master’s approval, for tonight ‘Surprise Surprise! Here is a

person you know, who will want to reward you for having worked so hard. He’s a person who

has been away for a very long time and you haven’t seen him in years.

(the slaves eyes open wide, he looks very worried)

In fact you are going to be literally weeping and wailing and gnashing your teeth, in more ways

than one, when you see who it is. It is, in fact YOUR MASTER, who has only just today returned

from his travels! A round of applause ladies and gentlemen please for Harry’s MASTER!

(The master appears looking very angry, and the slave, and also his friends in the audience, runs off quickly terrified.)

Holly: (puzzled, walks forward and says to the director) Can we cut it there, something’s not quite right here!

© Sheila Hamil 23rd January 2014