A Letter From the Queen

(37) Key Stage 1 &2

VISUAL AID: Three letters on next pages, and two letters below

The idea is to show that all of us do wrong, but God forgives us when we’re sorry.

Suitable music: Our Father by Cliff Richard, ‘forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us!’

Here is a very special letter written by our Queen, who was replying to a letter sent to her from a boy named David. (see below)

Dear Queen Elizabeth,

Last night when we were saying prayers, my daddy says everyone has done wrong except Jesus. I said I don’t think you have done bad things because you are the Queen.

Am I right or is my daddy?


Dear David,

I am commanded by the Queen to write to you and thank you for your letter.

Her Majesty was so glad to know that you say prayers with your parents.

Christians certainly believe that Jesus did no wrong. We also realise that no human being is absolutely perfect, not even Kings and Queens though, like our Queen, they do their very best to show us how to live a good life.

Jesus lived the perfect life, which is why we are able to ask him to help us lIve a life like his, and when we fail, to ask his forgiveness.

I hope this will answer your questions.

Yours sincerely,

Katheryn Duptak


Just as God forgives us, so too we must forgive one another….

After all no-one is perfect. No, not even the Queen. READING: Isaiah 53.6

Here below is an example of another letter which can be read out to the children.

More funny and genuine letters can be found in the free assembly book: But It’s Only Nine o’ Clock In The Morning. (37)

Dearest teacher here’s a letter

To say Amanda’s feeling better

Left the house on Thursday morn

Slipped on ice and pants got torn

Bumped her elbow, chin and bum,

Picked herself up and came back home

Then on Friday felt much better

Hence the reason for this letter.

Yours faithfully etc.,