Parable of the Lost Coin


Parable of the Lost Coin: Luke 15. 8-10

Is it under the table?

Is it under the chair ?

Could it be in that corner?

No it isn’t there!

Is it up on the rooftop?

Is it under the stairs?

Could it be in that cupboard?

I am in despair!

On no my little coin is lost, wherever can it be?

Is it under the curtain?

Is it there by the sink?

Could it be in the garden?

Sssh now let me think!

Brush the floor till I find it

Sweep the cobwebs away,

Sweep all day if I have to

Oh how my arms ache!

My precious silver coin is lost, wherever can it be?

Ah here it is in my pocket!

It’s been there all the time!

Rejoice with me, I’ve found it!

Found the coin that’s mine!

It’s the same up in heaven,

When a sinner repents.

See the angels in rapture

Their joy so evident.

Ooo Oo Ooo Ooo

Ooo Ooo Oooo repeat

© Sheila Hamil Wednesday 22nd January 2014