Naaman was a Fighting Man

Artwork: Carville Primary School Pupils

After Elijah, the next prophet we hear about is Elisha.

One of the most famous stories told of Elisha is the healing of Naaman, who was a commander in the Syrian army. Naaman had leprosy, a terrible skin disease.

Naaman took advice from his young serving girl, who knew that Elisha the prophet had a healing gift.

He travelled to see the prophet and find out for himself. Elisha told him that if he wanted to be healed, he had to go and bathe seven times in the River Jordan.

Naaman was very angry at this, for the rivers in his own country were much cleaner. But his friends persuaded him to obey the prophet, and when he did he found that he was cured.

Try to make an acronym of the word PRIDE, for being proud nearly prevented Naaman finding wholeness.





Elisha’s cure!

Then Elisha’s servant Gehazi committed the sin of greed.

Think of an acronym of this word, and find out about Gehazi in 2 Kings vv 19-27





Dear me!

26 Naaman was a Fighting Man:

2 Kings Chapter 5

(to the tune ‘Pop goes the Weasel’)

Naaman was a fighting man

and he was a leper.

Took advice when his young maid,


told him of Elisha.

Elisha told him what to do,

but he wouldn’t do it.

He was proud and wouldn’t bathe,


in the river Jordan.

He was angry, but his friends

persuaded him to do it.

So he bathed and he was cured,


just as the prophet told him.

To the prophet he returned,

to show him he was grateful.

Elisha would not take his gift,


not even a plateful.

“Then I will serve no other god!”

said Naaman to Elisha.

“Go in peace,” the prophet said.


“Yes, I believe ya!”

Elisha’s servant heard all this,

the greedy rogue, Gehazi;

who followed Naaman, claimed the gift,


and became a LEPER!

© words Sheila Hamil 2011