There was a time

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Lyrics and Chords

There was a Time From the album, ‘Stir into Flame’

This song is my story, before I became a Christian, and how I felt afterwards. Avril.

Intro: Am

2Am C G Am

There was a time when my heart closed its doors,

Dm E7

time when my eyes couldn’t see.

Am C E Am

Time when my mind said, “This just cannot be,

E Am

this man is too good to be real!”

Dm G7 C Am

Now I see the stars, with my eyes unshuttered,

Dm G7 C Am

I have faced my doubts, now my mind roams free.

Dm G C Am

My voice sings out, and my feet are dancing,

Dm E Am

my tambourine, plays its tune with joy.

There was a time when my ears wouldn’t listen.

Time when I just couldn’t hear.

I had everything, all I thought that I needed,

but oh, just how wrong you can be!

Am . . .

Vocalist: Avril Pease

©1985 Avril Pease