Esau and Jacob: Genesis 25. 21-34 & Chapter 27 (to the tune ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’)

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Lyrics and Chords: 3rd capo G Intro: G / C / D / / / / G / C / D / / /


Esau was a hairy man


Jacob he was smooth.


Smooth in action, smooth in speech,


and oh so sly, (oh so sly x 3)


from babyhood. G / C / G / C /

Esau was a hunting man,

Jacob chopped up wood.

Built a fire and made some stew,

and Esau saw, (Esau saw x 3)

that it was good!

Esau was a hungry man,

so from where he stood;

he gave up his birthright.

Gave it up (gave it up x 3)

For Jacob’s food.

Esau he was gullible,

Jacob he was cool;

stole his brother’s blessing.

Go read it in (read it in x 3)

God’s holy book.

Esau was an angry man,

that’s when Jacob flew.

Ran away from Esau’s wrath,

What else was there (else was there x 3)

For him to do?

© words Sheila Hamil 2011