If I Were Not Upon the Stage

When the Spirit of the Lord comes, he will lead you into all the truth;

this song below (to the tune'If I were not upon the stage')with actions may be a useful way of asking 'Why is it we are not hearing what the Spirit of Truth has to say?' I first saw this done at training college at a review by friends of mine.

When the Spirit of the Lord shall come

It's here I'd like to be

He'll speak if I am listening

And the truth he'll speak to me

He'll guide me all day long

But this may be my song

a) Chitter chatter chitter chatter

Chunter all day long

b) I'm too busy, I'm too busy

I've no time for you

c) Watching telly watching telly

Did you see that goal?

d) All my spending, has no ending

Better things to do.

e) Going nowhere going nowhere

No thanks, not for me.

After (b) sings his/her chorus (a) repeats her chorus and so on until by the end; when (e) has finished his/her chorus, (d) then (c) then (b) and finally (a) have repeated theirs too

The song is really hilarious when accompanied by hand and body actions, which are carefully timed, so that each grand gesture that each one makes becomes a near 'hit and miss' from character to character.