Go Jonah: Jonah Chapters 1 - 4 (to the tune ‘Six Little Ducks’)

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Lyrics and Chords: C Intro: G / / / C F C C F C


God spoke to Jonah, and he said , “Up!


Go down to Nineveh, they’re corrupt!”

F C Am

But Jonah had a ‘mind block’ with the word ‘obey’


didn’t want to go, and so he ran away, he ran away.

Off he sailed, to Tarshish in a boat.

Wibble wobble, wibble wobble, would it stay afloat?

Then an angry storm broke out upon the sea,

which put all those aboard in jeo-par-dy, in jeopardy.

The sailors said, “Oh let us all draw lots,

see who’s responsible, the boat’s awash!”

So they all drew lots, and put it to the test.

The lot fell to Jonah, and he confessed, he confessed.

Over the side did Jonah go.

Wibble wobble, wibble wobble, down below.

Then a whale came by and swallowed him whole.

Poor old Jonah, poor-old-soul, poor old soul!

He was there three nights, three days,

so he prayed to mend his ways.

So when the whale spat him upon the shore,

off to Nineveh he did go, he did go.

So he preached to the people there,

they wibble wobbled, full of trouble, everywhere.

But they did repent and Jonah took the huff;

left the city he had had enough, had enough.

A castor-oil plant grew over him,

protected him when he felt grim.

But it withered away which made poor Jonah mad,

God feels the same, when we are bad, when we are bad.

© words Sheila Hamil 2011