Lost Sheep, Coin, Son

(Resource Pack 92) KEY STAGE 1, 2 & 3

VISUAL AID: Have ready, sheep puppet, ten coins, (one hidden) and a bag of white garments and materials.Also the song ‘Amazing Grace ‘ on CD.

FIRST ARRANGE FOR A TEACHER to enter with a special message when you give the signal:- i.e.When I say…‘The Shepherd will come looking for you, don’t worry’ *

The teacher will then reply:-

Sheila*, the Good Shepherd is at the secretary’s office, and he’s asking for Baa-bara!

When I did this assembly with KEY STAGE 3 & 4 I only showed them the props I’d used with the younger ones, and explained briefly the story of the lost sheep and the lost coin to them, and I used only the third story with them. To close, I played them the CD ‘That’s my goal’ by Shane Ward, and talked about a God who wants to win our ‘hearts and souls, that’s his goal.’

Here we have three bible stories that Jesus told, (straight forward ones), on a similar theme.

The first story is about a lost sheep.

On my way here to do this assembly, I actually bumped into a lost sheep! (Bring out sheep string puppet) Her name is BAAA-BARA, and she’s very shy. She told me she doesn’t know where she is, she’s lost and she can’t find her Good Shepherd anywhere.

Baa-rbara tell the boys and girls why you wandered off in the first place: (she whispers)

Aah you saw some juicy grass and dandelion leaves nearby. Well you know you should never just wander off like that, without letting someone know where you’re going, should you?

Baa-bara you look like you’re going to cry at any minute, have you no idea where the others are? (she shakes her head)

Well Baa-bara I’m sure that the Shepherd will come looking for you, don’t worry’ *

He’s like that, I heard that he cares for his sheep

Enter teacher who shouts: Sheila, the Good Shepherd is at the secretary’s office, and he’s asking for Baa-bara!

(lamb dances with excitement)

There you are Baabara, I told you how much the Good Shepherd cares for those who belong to him. He’s been looking for you all this time. Here you go with Mr/Mrs…… she’ll take you to him. Bye bye ( Hand Baa-bara over to the teacher who leaves the hall with her).

Jesus told a second story about something which was lost.

A lady once had ten silver coins, and she lost one of them. She lit lamps, swept the floor and searched in every corner until she had found it, and she was very happy as you can imagine. Count out ten coins into the hands of ten children, only the tenth is missing.) Take the child and go searching for the tenth coin, and play, ‘Amazing Grace’ whilst searching.

( ** The best version of Amazing Grace for this session is by the Blind Boys of Alabama, Spirit of the Century CD; but other versions could be used)

Return rejoicing when the coin is found. (Decade Ministries provide very large silver coins which resemble Frisbees)

Let me tell you a third story about being lost, similar to the one that Jesus told about a young man.

Once there was a young boy, who was very much loved by his parents. They all lived in a house with a beautiful garden, which was very close to a railway line, and the boy loved to wave to the trains as they passed by each day.

The boy was a model child… When he was young he would…..(give examples of good behaviour) But when he became a teenager, he changed. (give examples)

He got in with a bad crowd and his parents were very worried.

One day there was a massive argument which resulted in the young lad storming out of the house.

‘I’m leaving and I’m never coming back!’ he screamed as he left.

His parents were broken hearted. He moved to London, but things went from bad to worse; he couldn’t hold down a job, (give examples)

At last, after two years of living like this, he could stand it no longer. He sent an e mail to his parents from the local community centre.

Dear mam and dad,

I’m so sorry for leaving home the way I did. You probably never want to see me again after all the trouble I caused. I just wanted you to know how sorry I am and that I’d love to see you both again.

I’ll be coming past your house on the 4 o’clock train on Friday afternoon.

If you do want to meet up, would you tie a white handkerchief to a branch of the tree at the bottom of the garden? Then I’ll know you don’t mind if I come home. If there is no handkerchief there on Friday, I’ll just keep going, but just know this. I’ll always love you both…

and he signed his name.

When Friday came, the boy was very nervous. (expand) He had spent all he had in the world on this one ticket. Then he realised that it was 3.55 p.m. and he was nearly at the station. His house was just around the next bend. Would the handkerchief be there?

He couldn’t believe his eyes, as he went past his garden. Not only was there a handkerchief on the tree, there were also four large sheets, dozens of white tea towels, white vests, pyjamas, pillow cases, all dazzling in the sunshine, all billowing in the breeze.

(At this point in the story, pull an array of white materials and garments from a black bin bag, to demonstrate the amazing love of the boy’s parents for him.

All of these stories have a similar message.

  • Someone or something is found

  • The one doing the searching is overjoyed to find what they’re looking for.

Jesus told such stories to show that when we wander away from God, and get lost, he is so, so happy to have us back again.

Luke 15.7

‘I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent.’

See full script for Key Stage 3 & 4 in my free assembly book, But It’s Only Nine o’ Clock In The Morning