I Will Enter His Gates

thanksgiving and praise

(I'm nearly sure Sam Wells, a former curate at St Luke's,Wallsend, gave us this drama, but he may not want to admit to it ! )

Cleaner: (Enters with joyful humming)

Vicar: Let us all enter with thanksgiving, but let’s not be too long about it, I’ve got three more services today.(smiles wearily)

Teenager: (Gritted teeth). I will enter his gates with thanksgiving since my mum and dad are making me.

Lady: I’m quite prepared to enter his gates, but I don’t see why we must bring thanksgiving into it.(snorts with laughter)

Businessman: How much is it going to cost to enter the gates? You get what you pay for you know.

Smarmy Person: I will enter, but I don’t suppose you will, you’re not the type.(to Theologian)

Theologian: Oh I’d love to enter his gates with thanksgiving, but it depends what you mean by gates and what you mean by thanksgiving. You see the original Hebrew…………….

(All yawn)

Cleaner sings: I will enter his gates with thanksgiving in my heart….

Smarmy Person: Why does she keep going on about thanksgiving?

Vicar: Perhaps we should ask her.

All together: Why do you keep going on about thanksgiving?

Cleaner: When I sing of his love for me my heart fills with joy and I feel like dancing. Don’t you feel like that? Why don’t you join me?

Teenager: So long as my parents don’t join in too. How embarrassing that would be.

Lady: Well yes, but I hope we don’t have to … you know (nudge) you know (whispers loudly)… clap. If there’s one thing I don’t like, it’s the clapping. (snorts with laughter).

Businessman: Is it free? I’m a bit suspicious of things which don’t involve money. (Sings).

Theologian: Well of course the word Eucharist means thanksgiving. The Greek language tells us so much more… All heckle him and sing without heart.

Cleaner : I think they need to clean their act up !

© Revd Sam Wells