"Mikey" Climbs Down

(Sep 2019)

Executive Summary

Allen from West Point called me about "Mikey", a 1-year old rescue kitty that had been stuck 40 feet up a large pecan tree in his backyard overnight. I immediately packed up and drove over, where Allen led me to the dastardly pecan tree holding Mikey prisoner. Mikey was crying and desperately wanted down. Allen had rigged an elaborate 2-ladder + long 1x4 with steps to try to reach Mikey, but came up just short. Allen climbed high up the ladders and talked to Mikey while I set a rope. Shaking limbs made Mikey nervous, and he began backing down the tree toward Allen, and was soon in range for a grab. With Mikey tucked under his arm, Allen carefully climbed down. All ended happily!


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