"Bob" - My Namesake Needs Help!

(early June 2019)

Executive Summary

"Bob" was stuck 35 feet up a sweet gum tree for three days in Goshen Springs MS before his rescue. Bob was way out on a limb from the trunk, and I had to use a secondary lanyard on a union near him to get close. Fortunately, Bob came right to me at that point and the nab was easy. Laura, Matt, and Paula -- many thanks for your generous contributions to the Oktibbeha County Humane Society!


It was a little before 8 am on a Saturday morning when I noticed a recent voicemail on the Kat Fone. It was from Paula -- a neighbor's (Laura) kitty ("Bob") had been stuck for three days in Goshen Springs, could I help? About that time I also received a Facebook message from Laura. A flurry of texts between Paula, Laura, and myself then ensued with an end result of me arriving at the house at about 10:45 am. Laura had to take a son to a baseball tournament, but Paula and Matt (Laura's significant other) were there to help with the rescue.

The sweet gum tree was at the end of the driveway, just to the side of a covered carport. Bob was hanging out at about 35 feet, right at the tip of limb, and at least 20 feet out from the trunk. The limb angled up from the main trunk, split at about 10 feet, with one stem going vertical and the other mostly horizontal - Bob was at the end of the horizontal stem. My plan was to put a rope at the main trunk, then use a lanyard at where the limb split to get close to Bob. I was worried about Bob falling - it was possible that he could hit the edge of the carport roof causing injury. There was also an insulated power drop running underneath him about 10 feet below, and he could also hit that if he fell.

I was able to hit my target union on the first shot of the throwbag, and soon had a rope established. Paula and Matt stood ready to hold a tarp if that was needed. When I reached the union, I had to scoot to the other side of the limb in order to spy Bob through the thick foilage. I threw a throwline over the split in the limb, and soon had a lanyard over it. I then pulled up my net and rescue pole in case I needed them and hung them on nearby branches. I slowly pulled myself up to the split that anchored the lanyard, trying not to spook a nervous Bob. Fortunately, there was another limb that I could stand on to steady myself when I pulled myself up to the split. I readied the Kat Bag, stood up on the lower limb, and began sweet talking to Bob who now was only about 8 feet away. Bob started right towards me, but hesitated when the limb began sloping slightly downwards. I could barely reach him at this point, and he allowed a few soft scritches. Bob started to backup, but I stretched was able to achieve scruff lock. Bob did not struggle as I lifted him off the limb and drew the Kat Bag over him. Whew, Bob was safely in the bag! Back on the ground, Matt took Bob inside for food and water. After packing up, I was able to get some photos of Bob inside, safe from the nasty tree! Paula and Matt, thanks for your help (and Paula, thanks for the Facebook photos!).