"LiLy" -- Nooooo...Not again!

(early May 2018)

Executive Summary

"Lily", Rachel's sweet calico girl in Kosciusko MS, is my Kryptonite. The first time that I "rescued" her, she eluded me and jumped 40 feet. This "rescue" did not go any better. I just cannot seem to do a decent rescue job with this gal. I had my hands on her twice, and each time she wiggled free (first at 50 feet, after which she climbed higher to 60 feet). After she escaped my grasp the second time, I tried with the rescue pole and she jumped to a lower limb at 40 feet. I tried with the rescue pole again but she dodged it and jumped to the ground. Fortunately, she was ok. Rachel will start keeping her in at night and hopefully this will reduce the tree-climbing incidents.


See executive summary!