"Hannah" Needs Help

(mid November 2018)

Executive Summary

"Hannah" was stuck 25 feet up a pecan tree for two cold, rainy nights before her rescue. She was cooperative and made the rescue a breeze. Hannah, in the future, please stay out of the yard that contains the friendly but exuberant doggo!


It was a chilly, windy morning and I was congratulating myself for rescuing Rae the previous day and saving myself a cold climb. That thought was rudely interrupted when I noticed a missed call and a voice mail on the Kat Fone, a sure sign of a kitty in trouble. It was from Sarah of Starkville Animal Control - there was a kitty stuck in a tree about 10 minutes from my house. After some text exchanges, I received the number for Patricia, the kitty owner. I called and told her that I would be there as soon as I packed the truck. Patricia told me the kitty ("Hannah") had been stuck for two days and was in a neighbors backyard.

I was met by Patricia and Regina, whose yard contained the tree that was holding Hannah prisoner. Regina told me that her doggo, who is friendly but exuberant, chased Hannah up the tree when she strayed into his yard. Regina told me that she had not slept well for the last two nights worrying about Hannah, and had called the police and fire departments. The police came out but were unable to help, and the fire department could not help because of liability issues. Word finally reached Starkville Animal control and they knew to contact me.

We walked into the backyard and spotted Hannah, who was in a large pecan tree, in a wide union at 25 feet. The tree was had many good tie-in points, and the rescue would be trivial as long as Hannah was cooperative. During rope setup, we were joined by Charles (Patricia's husband), who was home from work and who was also worried about Hannah. I donned my gear and began climbing slowly, sweet talking to Hannah, who occasionally looked up the tree but otherwise remained calm. Upon reaching Hannah, I offered some kitty treats which caught her interest. Stowing the treats, I offered my hand which she cautiously sniffed, and then she allowed me to stroke her. After an easy nab Hannah went into the Kat bag with no complaints. On the ground, Patricia took Hannah inside for some food and water. After packing the truck, Patricia invited me inside the house and I was able to get a picture of Hannah enjoying a post rescue meal. I also learned that Charles and Patricia's son, Cameron, was the real owner of Hannah who had been adopted from the Oktibbeha County Human Society three years earlier. Cameron is a freshman wide receiver for the Mississippi State Bulldogs (go Dogs!) and had been worried about Hannah. Cameron can now quit worrying and concentrate on beating Arkansas and Ole Miss in the next two weeks!