The Kitty That Was Not Saved By Me

(February 2015)

Executive Summary

A Fireman stole the kitty that I was supposed to rescue!!!!


It was a Monday morning, and I had just finished with my two classes when the Kat Fone meowed. It was Stacy, her kitty had been stuck for four days in a tree in Starkville (yay! an in-town rescue!) and could I help? I said that indeed I could. Stacy was at work, but her husband Bruce called me and said that he would be at the house until 2:30 pm. I told Bruce that I could come by after lunch and would be there by about 1:15 or so. After lunch, I rushed home and, whistling a happy tune, started packing up the truck (Disclosure: I have taken poetic license here. I cannot whistle worth a hoot, but if I could, I would have been!). I had not done a rescue in a while and was eager to be a hero. When I was almost finished packing, the Kat Fone yowled again, and it was Bruce. He told me that the Starkville Fire Department had showed up and was in the process......of......rescuing......MY......KITTY!!!!!

WHAT THE HECK??? I am the Cat Saving Hero Rescuer in StarkVegas, how dare the Starkville Fire Department encroach on my turf!!!!

I told Bruce that I would still come over and see how the rescue went. On the 5 minute drive to the house, I was happily imagining the Fire Department failing miserably at the task and yours truly stepping in to SAVE THE DAY! I arrived at the house, and walked to the tree in the back, just in time to see everybody walking away from the tree with the kitty safe in Bruce's arms. WAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! The Starkville Fire Department stole my kitty!!!! It turned out to be a cedar tree (lots of branches close together) and the fireperson (ok, it was a MAN, so fireMAN) put a ladder against the tree, and just free climbed up to the kitty (he did have a small safety lanyard). All of my fancy gear was not even needed, harrumph! I belatedly introduced myself to Bruce, and gave one of my cards to the Starkville Animal Control Officer, who was the person who had called the Starkville FD. The Starkville Animal Control Officer had NEVER EVEN HEARD about the FAMOUS CAT RESCUER that lives within the boundaries of StarkVegas! After driving dejectedly back home and unpacking the truck, I fired my Head of Marketing (me). I then realized that I probably could not find anybody else who wanted the job, so I hired myself back, upon the promise that I needed to do a MUCH better job of spreading the word out about how FABULOUS I am at being a CAT SAVING HERO!