'Gypsy' - A Sweet Kitty Stuck in a Sour Spot

(mid November 2015)

Executive Summary

"Gypsy" is a sweet kitty who was stuck 30 feet up an oak tree for three days, in Meridian, MS. She was very cooperative, and the rescue was an easy one.


It was Friday late-morning, and I busy digging digital ditches in my office, thinking about lunch, when the Kat Fone meowed. It was Melissa - she had been referred to me by Meridian Animal Control. One of her kitties had been stuck for three days in a tree, could I help? I checked my schedule, and it was empty, so I said "Heck Yeah!", received directions to her house, and headed out.

When I arrived at the house, I was met by Lee (Melissa's husband), and led to the tree that had Gypsy trapped in its barkly clutches. Gypsy was about 30 feet up, on a nice limb, crying her eyes out, wanting to be rescued. Fortunately, there were some strong limbs above her for a tie-in point. A complication was that the tree was on the edge of a small patch of woods, with dense canopy all around it, preventing an easy throw-bag shot. I had to stand right under Gypsy's perch, and shoot the throw bag straight up in order to set the line. After one bounce off of a limb, I made a good throw line shot, and was able to install a climbing line. Melissa and Lee's father joined me during the equipment setup, and Melissa did some sweet talking to Gypsy during the line installation to keep her calm.

I geared up and was soon at height with Gypsy. She was not scared of me at all, and began kneading her paws softly on the limb as I approached. After a brief "lets-make-friends" period, Gypsy allowed me to grab her by the scruff and put her in the Kat bag. After a quick ride to the ground, I turned Gypsy over to Melissa, who whisked her inside for food, water, and loving. My three previous rescues all required a rescue-pole, so I was very happy to have a sweet, cooperative kitty (a friendly/non-traveler) -- I had nearly forgotten that they existed!