"Faith" Stuck Again

(late January 2018)

Executive Summary

On the drive to rescue "Yeti", Marie texted me that Faith was stuck again in Clinton MS (first rescue was December 2017). Faith had been chased into the tree early that morning by dogs. After Yeti was safely down, I contacted Marie and said that I would be there later that afternoon. When I arrived, both James and Marie met me. Faith was in the same tree as last time, but only about 25 feet up. I quickly installed a rope and started up. Faith moved to a slightly higher limb during the rope installation, but otherwise was calm. When I drew even with Faith, I reached over and stroked her a couple of times. She was happy for the company. I then scuffed her, and placed her in the Kat bag. Back on the ground, I was able to get a post rescue photo of Faith and Marie reunited. Marie and James, many thanks for your very generous donation to the Oktibbeha County Humane Society!


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