"Lily" -- Stuck For Six Days

(early April 2018)

Executive Summary

"Lily" was stuck 35 feet up a pine tree for six days in Kosciusko MS before her rescue. Rachel tried many different rescue sources before a friend steered her to me. When I reached Lily's position in the tree, she stayed far out of reach at the end of a limb and did not respond to food bribes or sweet talking. When I limb walked out a bit towards her, she retreated even further, leaving me no choice but to try the rescue pole. She become frightened by the rescue pole, dodging my attempts to snare her, and she finally jumped. Fortunately, the ground was soft and she was not injured. I hope she stays out of trees! (Miss Shirley, good Samaritan neighbor, thanks for letting me climb your tree!). The post rescue picture below is courtesy of Rachel.


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