"TinkerBell" and "Tiger' -- Kitties in Trouble SEPARATED by 210 Miles

(mid January 2017)

Executive Summary

Tinkerbell was stuck in Clinton MS (four days, 45 feet) and Tiger in Blue Springs MS (four days, 30 feet). My driving started at 8:00 am and ended at 5:30 pm, but it was worth it to rescue two sweet kitties. Many thanks to Amy and Christy for your generous donations to the Oktibbeha County Humane Society!

Details (Tinker Bell)

A late night text message from Amy alerted me to Tinkerbell's predicament, she had been stuck for four days in Clinton MS. I arrived the next morning around 10:30 am, and Amy led me across the street to a neighbor's yard (Christy). Tinkerbell was about 45 feet up and 6 feet out from the trunk (red square in the picture). Amy told me that Tinkerbell was somewhat skittish, so I set my rope such that it hung next to the branch that Tinkerbell was on, just past her point on the limb. My hope was to prevent her from going further out on the limb (my rope tie-point was the red diamond point). However, as I started up the rope, Tinkerbell went back to the trunk, then up a few feet to where the red circle is (about 50 feet). Christy, her husband, and Logan (son) joined us during the setup and helped hold a tarp as I approached Tinkerbell. I was concerned about Tinkerbell's skittishness, so I went slow and offered her some kitty treats when I was close enough. She sniffed them but did not eat any, and let me stroke her on the chin a little. Encouraged, I decided to try a scruff grab but I just a little too far away; Tinkerbell slipped out of my grasp and hissed, swatted at me. I felt the rescue was about to go wonky, so I quickly went up the rope a couple of more feet to ensure that I could prevent Tinkerbell from going higher. Fortunately, she was content to stay in her union. I was now much better positioned, and was able to make a successful nab on my second try. I headed to the ground and handed Tinkerbell and the Kat Bag off to Amy. The picture below (courtesy of Amy) shows Tinkerbell relaxing post rescue. The other two pictures (courtesy of Christy) shows Logan (future MSU computer engineering student!) and myself, and Logan's new sweet kitty. There is no video due to pilot error in turning on the camera.

Details (Tiger)

During the setup for Tinkerbell's rescue, the Kat Fone rang and I let it go to voice mail. After the rescue, I listened to Jason's voice mail about Tiger's trouble. He had been stuck for 4 days in a pine tree in Blue Springs; his 7 year old daughter Brylee had not been sleeping well since Tiger became stuck. Google maps told me it was quicker simply to drive straight to Blue Springs rather than going to Starkville first, so that is what I did.

When I arrived, Jason led me to the tree. Tiger was on a limb about 30 feet up, and about 7 feet out from the trunk. I set my climbing line and started up. When I reached Tiger, he came right to me and allowed me to pet him. After an easy nab, I headed to the ground and handed him off to Brylee, who took him inside for food and water. The picture below (courtesy of Brylee's mom), shows Tiger and Brylee reunited.