"Stray" A Calico Captured By A Tree

(late February 2017)

Executive Summary

A sweet stray kitty was stuck 30 feet up a tree for three nights in Tupelo MS before I rescued her. She was adopted by a lady who worked in the building next door. Jessica, thanks for caring about the kitty and arranging the rescue!


It was mid-morning, and the Kat Fone yowled. Jessica told me there was a kitty that had been stuck in a tree in Tupelo MS next to her office building for at least one night, possibly two, could I help? It was raining that day, so I arranged to be there the next day. The following morning, Jessica confirmed that the kitty was still stuck, so I finished some work, packed up the truck, and headed out. Arriving about noon, I easily spotted the kitty hanging out at about 30 feet. The location next to a busy four lane major thoroughfare, with businesses all around - I did not see any nearby homes that the kitty could have come from. I texted Jessica, and she came out to meet me. She said that a lady who worked there wanted to adopt the kitty as my only other option was to take the kitty to the local humane society. I established a rope about 10 feet above the kitty, geared up and started up. The kitty was very calm throughout the entire procedure, watching me, bathing, hanging out - I felt like this would be an easy rescue. When I reached the kitty, she began rubbing her head on the tree and kneading her paws, clearly happy to see me. She went into the Kat Bag with no problem, and I headed down. Once on the ground, I transferred her to a cat carrier which I then gave to the nice lady who wanted to adopt her. I estimated the kitty's age as about 4-6 months. Hopefully, the kitty will stay out of trees from now on!