"Stray Kitty" - A lost Soul

(early May 2019)

Executive Summary

Carrie called me about a stray kitty that had been stuck for an unknown number of days in a tree in her yard in Starkville MS. They had just discovered it and a ladder rescue failed as the kitty went further up a tree. The kitty was initially at 20 feet, then went to 30 feet during rope setup. However, the stray kitty responded to food and allowed me to grab it. The kitty had been a pet at one time since it was so docile, but it had been lost for a long time as it was very skinny, and had healed scars from an animal attack. The kitty did not have a microchip. The kitty is now at the Oktibbeha County Humane Society. Signs about the kitty were placed in the neighborhood.


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