"Ellie", Rescue By Aaron A.

(mid July 2017)

Executive Summary

"Ellie" was stuck 60+ feet up a tree overnight in Walls MS. I arrived in time to see another tree climber heading up a rope, so I settled back and watched an awesome rescue by Aaron Andrews!


It was about noon when I received a call from Ashley in Walls MS. Her kitty, "Ellie" had been stuck overnight in a large oak and was about 70 feet up (the red circle in the photo is Ellie's location when the photo was taken). I arranged to be there late that afternoon. Later that day, when I pulled into the driveway, I noticed a good number of people/cars and a rope already installed in the tree. I exited the truck just in time to see a young man by the name of Aaron Andrews heading up the rope. Aaron, a tree worker with 4 years of experience, lived in the neighborhood, learned of the kitty's distress via Facebook, and headed over to help out. So, I settled in to watch an awesome rescue by Aaron (and I was not disappointed to miss out on a climb in 90 degree heat!). Ellie had moved back to main trunk and down a bit, making for an easier rescue (yellow square in photo).

When Aaron neared the kitty, I asked him if he had a bag, and he did not. So, I sent my bag up to him via his down rope and gave him some quick instructions on how to use it. It did not take Aaron long to nab Ellie and put her in the bag. A quick trip down, and Ellie was handed off to Ashley for some snuggling. Aaron gave me his contact info so that I could call him next time that I had a kitty rescue call in the south Memphis, Walls, Horn Lake area (Yippee!!! Another kitty rescuer!!!!).