"Sherbet' - An indoor cat stuck outside

(March 2014)

Executive Summary

"Sherbet" was an appropriately named orange, male long hair who had been stuck in a tree in Fulton, MS for two days when Mr. W. called me for assistance. It was an easy climb, and Sherbet was quickly in the bag and then in his


About mid-morning on March 31st, I received an email from Mr. W about "Sherbet", who had been stuck in a tree since Saturday. Sherbet was a mostly indoor cat who had been banished for a while to the outside for extremely bad behavior (the details of which will not be discussed!), at which point he promptly got himself into more trouble. Mr. W. had almost reached Sherbet with a tall ladder and free climbing, but Sherbet had positioned himself about 25 feet up a small stem of a bushy tree and Mr. W. just could not get close enough to him for a safe grab. I told Mr. W. that I could be there at about 5:00 pm after taking care of some other responsibilities. When I arrived, Mr. W. and Mr. D (a friend) were at the base of the tree waiting for me. They already had a good sized ladder in the tree, so it was easy to climb up it and install a safety rope. With a combination of rope, lanyard, and spikes I was able to get close enough to Sherbet for a safe grab. With only a little bit of tussle, I was able to extricate Sherbet from his perch and stuff him somewhat ungraciously into the Kat Bag. At that point I lowered him to Mr W., who brought Sherbet into the house for a long delayed meal. I tried to get a post rescue picture of Sherbet and his 7-year old mistress, but the combination of a wiggly kitty and a wiggly little girl resulted in a blurry mess that is best left unseen.

I have also added a graphic novel version (somewhat embellished) of the rescue, see below!