"Scout"-- A Cold Kitty Stuck up A tree

(mid December 2016)

Executive Summary

"Scout" was stuck 60 feet up a pine tree for 5 days in Baldwyn MS before I was able to rescue him. He made the rescue easy by descending towards me as I climbed the rope. Lindsey, many thanks for your generous donation to the Oktibbeha County Humane Society!


After a meeting, I noticed that I had a missed call on the Kat Fone. Returning the call, I found that it was from a friend of Lindsey's, whose kitty was stuck in a tree in Baldwyn. During the call, I had another incoming call and a voice mail, and this was from Lindsey. I called Lindsey, and arranged to be there that afternoon since the kitty had been stuck for 5 nights, and the previous night had below freezing temperatures. Lindsey had contacted five different fire departments and some tree companies, but nobody was willing to help poor Scout.

When I arrived, Lindsey and Taylor (a friend), led me to the tree. Scout was crying piteously from his perch at 60 feet in a pine tree; clearly he wanted down. It took me several tries to hit a tie-in point at 55 feet with a throw bag; the cold weather was affecting the throwing power of the rubber bands on my 'Big-Shot' slingshot. I started up, and at about 30 feet was able to have a clear view of Scout. He had descended down to my tie-in branch which I loved since it would make the rescue easier. As I climbed further up, Scout came down even more, precariously clinging to small branches that made me worry about his safety. I asked Lindsey and Taylor to hold a tarp beneath the tree in case Scout fell. I was soon at height with Scout and he was extremely happy to see me. I quickly put him in the bag with no complaints from Scout, and headed down. I was soon on the ground, where I posed with Scout for the picture below (courtesy of Lindsey). All ended well!