"Summer" stuck at the Tail End of SUmmer

(mid September 2016)

Executive Summary

"Summer" is a 3-month old, female calico who was stuck 50 feet up a sweet gum tree in Meridian MS. Fortunately, she was very cooperative so the rescue was relatively easy. She is now safe with her people, June and John. And June and John, many thanks for your very generous donation to the Oktibbeha County Humane Society!


The Kat Fone rang, startling me. It had been gathering dust for seven weeks, and I was beginning to wonder if kitties in Mississippi had given up tree climbing altogether. It is strange how I can have no rescues for several weeks, and then have several close together. Anyway, "June" was on the phone, and she had received my contact info from Lauderdale County Animal. Her sweet rescue kitty, "Summer", had been stuck for two nights in a sweet gum tree, could I help? I told June that I would be there first thing the next day.

When I arrived, June, and her husband, John, met me and led me to the backyard where I could hear some pitiful meows. "Summer" was way up in a sweet gum tree, about 50 feet. She was pacing nervously, crying the entire time, and clearly wanted down. Previous rescue attempts by John and Cody (adult son) had been unsuccessful. There were no good limbs above Summer, so I installed my climbing line on a strong limb about 6 feet below the kitty. After reaching the limb, I put a safety lanyard around the trunk above the limb, detached from my climbing line, and then pulled myself up on the limb. Summer watched all of this with interest, but did not appear frightened or try to go higher in the tree. I put the Kat Bag on my right hand, carefully stood up, and spent a few moments making friends with Summer. She quickly accepted that I was an OK-sorta guy, and allowed me to nab her and put her in the Kat Bag. Once back on the ground, I handed her off to a happy June who took her inside for food and water.

Once I was finished packing, I went inside the house to snap a post rescue picture. June was laughing when I entered, because Summer had re-discovered her potty box and was having a grand time in it -- I guess she had been holding it all the time in the tree. I was eventually able to take the picture below. June took a picture of me when I was at height with Summer, also below.