'Lila' - the Thank-you Kitty

(mid July 2015)

Executive Summary

"Lila" is an indoor cat that became stuck 35 feet up a tree for two days in Woodland, MS. She was a sweet kitty, and allowed me to easily rescue her. Lila's people, Amanda and children, gave me wonderful thank-you notes after the rescue (see pictures below). Also, thank you Amanda for your generous donation to the Oktibbeha County Humane Society! Also, the website 'Right This Minute' featured this rescue in a video because of the thank-you notes from Amanda and children!


It was about 4:30 on a Saturday afternoon when the Cat Fone meowed. I answered, and it was Amanda -- her inside kitty was stuck up a tree. I was in the middle of a project, and told Amanda that I would call back for details in about 20 minutes. After I finished up, I called Amanda back and received her address in Woodland MS, and found out that the kitty had been stuck for two days. I told her that I would be there by 6:30 pm. While I was packing the truck, I called my buddy Jim H. and asked him if he wanted to watch a cat rescue. Being a good supportive friend who humors crazy people, he agreed to help out. I finished packing up the truck, picked up Jim on the way of town, and we headed to Woodlawn.

On arrival we were greeted by Amanda, her three children, and various pets. They all led me to the tree that was holding poor Lila prisoner. Lila was about 35 feet up, but the tree had many good branches for setting a climbing line. Jim assisted me in establishing the climbing line in the tree. I started up the rope, and was soon at height with Lila. She was very glad to see me. I classify Lila (see the Kitty Klassification page) as a "friendly/non-traveler" -- Amanda said she had not moved from her spot since she became stuck. I scratched Lila's ears a bit, and then placed her in the Kat bag. It was a short ride down to ground, where I handed Lila off to Amanda and children for some loving and food.

After the rescue, Amanda gave me a booklet of the sweetest thank-you notes from herself and her children (see pictures). Sometimes I get asked why I rescue kitties in trees -- all you have to do is look at the thank-you notes, and then you know. These really touched me, and so I will always remember Lila as the "thank-you" kitty!