"Stray Kitten" #1 on a Dual-Rescue Day

(early February 2017)

Executive Summary

A stray kitten was stuck on a balcony in Oktoc MS; Nicole and myself were able to capture it and I brought it to the Oktibbeha County Humane Society.


It was evening, and I had just returned from a rescue when the Kat Fone yowled. It was Nicole, there was a stray kitten stuck on a balcony at Browning Creek near Oktoc MS, could I help? I said that I would check with Starkville Animal control and either myself or them would capture the kitten the following day as we needed to wait until the shelter was open. The next morning, Nicole told me the kitty had jumped to the balcony on the blue house but was still stuck (these are vacation/special event homes and were not occupied). I talked with Sarah at Animal Control, but it was outside of Starkville City limits so she could not do the rescue. I texted Nicole that I would be there around noon. When I arrived, Nicole lead me to the balcony. The kitten was on the outside ledge; the balcony was screened in so it was stuck on the outer lip. I brought up a ladder but this panicked the kitten and it ran back and forth on the ledge. Abandoning that idea, I told Nicole that I was going to try the rescue pole. I gave Nicole the net and she positioned herself at the exit between the two buildings in case the kitty jumped. I was able to get the noose around the kitten, but it jumped before I was able to tighten it. The kitty landed between the two buildings, and then ran into the net as it tried to escape. Hooray for Nicole, excellent net handling! I brought the kitty to the nice folks at the Oktibbeha County Humane Society -- hopefully the kitty can be socialized enough for adoption (it is unknown if the kitty was truly feral, or just scared and lost).