Kitty Klassifications

Friendly or Skittish? Traveler or Non-traveler? Important questions for the cat rescuer!

In rescuing Stuck Kitties, I have determined that a Kitty can be Klassified using two variables - friendliness and mobility. Using these two variables, a kitty then falls (ummh, poor choice of words!) into four categories:

  • Friendly, Traveler -- a friendly traveler is the best kind of kitty as they are happy to see you, and will come right to you when you get close to them. They will often descend as you climb the tree, reducing the amount of work that you have to do. The only problem is that sometimes they travel too much putting themselves in danger of falling!
  • Friendly, Non-traveler - a friendly non-traveler is good as well, except they are too frightened to move very far from their perch. However, their meows are friendly meows, and they are happy to see you.
  • Skittish, Non-traveler - a skittish non-traveler is simply scared -- they are scared of being in the tree and will not move from their location. They are also scared of the person coming to rescue them, and their meows are more like yowls as they are miserable. They want to run from you, but they cannot, as they are too scared to move. These rescues make you nervous, as you do not know if they will suddenly get over their fear of moving when you draw close. Or, once you nab them, their terror may transform them into yowling, spitting kitties who are very difficult to handle when trying to place them into the bag.
  • Skittish, Traveler - Any cat rescuer will tell you that these are the most difficult type of kitties to rescue. They are scared of you, and will run away from you in the tree by either climbing up, moving to other limbs/trunks, or even jumping to other trees or out of the tree. Most feral kitties are in this category. The only thing you can do with this type of kitty is try to trap them on part of the tree where they are out of running room, and then hope that you can make a nab or else use a tool like a net or grab pole.

Here is a graph that classifies the kitties that I have rescued - current as of June 2016. Most of the kitties that I have rescued have been friendly. The friendly/traveler types have tended to be younger kitties (Note: I have not kept this updated as the trends are the same).