"Percy" - An Easy Rescue

(January 2015)

Executive Summary

Percy, a calico kitty, was stuck for four days in Tupelo MS before his rescue. He made the rescue easy by being cooperative.


Sharon called me about "Percy", her kitty who had been stuck for 4 days in a large oak tree in Tupelo, MS. I was busy that day, but was able to come out the following afternoon. When I arrived, Percy was about 35 feet up, out on a limb, but moved near the trunk to about 30 feet in short order. The tree had many good, strong unions so it was no problem to install a climbing line. I was soon at height near Percy, and the video shows me enticing Percy with cat treats in order to get him in the Kat Bag. Sharon quickly took charge of him at the base of the tree and whisked him off to food, water, warmth, and snuggling.