"SHelby" A Kitty Who Was Shaken DOwn

(mid April 2017)

Executive Summary

This is a short entry as no climbing was required. I was driving to rescue 'Caddie' when the Kat Fone rang. It was Pam, her kitty had been stuck in Louisville MS for 3 nights, could I help? I told Pam that I would contact her again after I finished with the current rescue.


After the 'Caddie' rescue, I called Pam back and arranged to be there in the afternoon after Pam returned home from work. When I arrived, Pam indicated that I should drive to the wood line in the back pasture. She met me there, then led me a few yards back into the woods and pointed up a pine tree. "Shelby" was way out on a skinny limb, about 20 feet up. The tree looked to be an easy climb, so I started installing a climbing line. During the installation, Shelby became nervous and retreated to the very end of thelimb, and looked like he wanted to jump to some neighboring smaller trees that were below him. Pam said that Shelby was not friendly to strangers, and from this behavior, it was obvious that he would not come back to the trunk. So, I told Pam that I would just shake him off the limb with a throw line. The forest floor was very soft, and there were some intervening small trees that he would hit first to break his fall.

I shot a throw line over the end of Shelby's limb and started shaking. He quickly fell about 10 feet to a small tree, hung on a branch for a while, then fell the remaining 10 feet to the ground. He quickly recovered and ran out of the woods toward the house, with Pam following. When Pam reached the house, she opened the door and Shelby scooted inside. The picture below shows Shelby recuperating inside the house.