A Lost Kitty Who Was Stuck

(early October 2017)

Executive Summary

A lost kitty was stuck 30 feet up a sweet gum for at least two nights before her rescue. The kitty was sweet making for an easy rescue. Alas, the kitty had no microchip, but Mallory was going to look for the owner (or adopt if needed). Please microchip your pets!


It was late on a Sunday morning when I noticed a text on the Kat Fone about a kitty stuck in Tupelo MS. I made contact with Mallory, who told me a lost kitty (was wearing a collar) had been stuck up in a tree in a neighbor's yard since at least Friday night. Mallory said the neighbor was fine with me climbing the tree, so I packed up and headed out.

When I arrived, I met Mallory, Jeremy (Mallory's husband), and Brian (neighbor). They led me to a sweet gum tree next to a wooden fence in Brian's yard. The kitty was only about 30 feet up, and crying piteously, clearly wanting down. I quickly set a climbing line at about 40 feet and started up. The kitty kept rubbing her head on the tree, and meowing, anxious for me to arrive. She let me scratch her chin and ears a bit before I scruffed her and put her in the Kat bag. On the ground, I handed her off to Mallory and Jeremy, who put her in a bathroom with food and water. I took off my gear, fetched my scanner, and went inside. Jeremy assisted me in scanning her, but the kitty had no microchip. Mallory/Jeremey have two cats (rescues) and a dog, but they were willing to adopt the kitty if the owner could not be found. This kitty was in the Joyner neighborhood of Tupelo, and this makes the fifth rescue from there. The Joyner kitties have me on speed dial! Hopefully, the kitty's owner will be located. Please microchip your pets!