"Wesley" A NON-Fun Spring Break

(mid March 2017)

Executive Summary

"Wesley" (girl kitty), was missing for 5 days near Columbus MS before her owner, Ruth, located her 25 feet up a tree. Ruth contacted me, and I was able to rescue Wesley the same day. Ruth, many thanks for your generous donation to the Oktibbeha County Humane Society!


I was driving back from a business meeting in Tupelo when the Kat Fone rang. It was Ruth, her kitty had been missing for 5 days and she had found the kitty in a tree along the property line of her neighbor's house, could I help? I said that I would be there later that afternoon.

When I arrived, Ruth was still on her way home, so I started walking the back property line, calling for the lost kitty. It did not take long to receive an emphatic answer "YESSS HALLP I AM STUCK WAAAAHHHH!!!". Wesley was vocal to say the least; she was stuck about 25 feet up a large pine tree and desperately wanted down. I unpacked my truck and was in the process of installing my climbing line when Ruth arrived. As Ruth approached, Wesley came to the side of the tree closest us and then far out on a limb, trying to reach Ruth. She was trying to come down but did not know how to do it. I quickly installed a rope and started up. As I approached, Wesley came back to the trunk and anxiously awaited my arrival, kneading her paws, purring, and rubbing against the tree. When I reached Wesley, I gave her a few scritches that she happily accepted. I scruffed her, popped her into the Kat Bag, and started down. Wesley did not like the bag and let everybody know it. When I reached the ground, I handed Wesley off to Ruth, who brought her to an outside closed garage for food, water and warmth. After packing the truck, I talked with Ruth and accepted some loving from Wesley, who was extremely friendly. Ruth told me that she had recently moved from Chicago, and that the kitty showed up on the day of her father's funeral, tiny and malnourished. Ruth had never owned a kitty, but her adult daughter (a cat person) urged her to keep it. Ruth said that she had grown very attached to Wesley, and the feeling was obviously mutual! Wesley has found her furr-ever home, and Ruth is happy that she did! The picture below shows Wesley enjoying some post rescue milk.