"Trinity" - Stuck in the Matrix

(late October 2018)

Executive Summary

"Trinity" was stuck 25 feet up a tree for three nights in Merdian MS before her rescue. She was ready to be rescued, and allowed me to scruff and bag her with no trouble. Trinity, I hope that you stay out of trees in the future!


I received a text message late on a Saturday night from Ashleigh - her kitty "Trinity" had been stuck in a tree in Meridian MS since Thursday night, could I help? I told her that I would drive down the next morning if Trinity was still stuck. Sunday morning arrived, and Trinity was still in the Tree's dastardly clutches, so I packed up the truck and headed out.

On arrival, I was met by Gil (Ashleigh's husband) and Hunter, a family friend. They introduced me to Ashleigh, and then everybody loaded up with gear from the truck and we started the trek to Trinity's tree, which was about 50 yards from the house on the heavily wooded lot. Trinity was perched at about 25 feet in a sturdy hardwood, meowing loudly, hoping for a rescue. I set a rope at 40 feet, donned gear, and started up. I climbed slowly, hoping to avoid spooking Trinity. My rope was hanging a bit out from the tree so I climbed above Trinity's position, and then used a lanyard to draw myself closer to the trunk. Trinity cautiously watched me the entire time, and gave worried meows. Once I was situated, I offered her some dry kitty treats which seemed to calm her, and then the Kat bag on my right hand. Trinity let me stroke her, which transitioned into an easy scruff-and-bag. Back on the ground, Ashleigh took Trinity to the house for some food and water. After packing up, I was able to get a nice post rescue picture of Trinity snuggling with Gil. All ended happily!