"Stray Kitten"-- Tiny One in Trouble

(early November 2016)

Executive Summary

A stray kitty in Meridian MS wandered into the wrong backyard and was chased 20 feet up a large oak tree by an inquisitive dog. The kitty spent the night in the tree before I was able to rescue him.


It was early afternoon when I noticed a voice mail on the Kat Fone. It was from Catherine in Meridian MS; a neighborhood stray kitty had wandered into her yard and then was chased up into a tree by her niece's dog -- could I help get it down? I returned her call and arranged to be there later that day. When I arrived, Catherine and her adult niece Jennifer met me and led me to the oak tree. It was a monster tree; at 20 feet three different stems formed a large union.

Catherine said the kitty was in the union; we eventually saw the kitty peeking out from the other side. It was easy to install a climbing line at about 30 feet and I was soon at height with the union. There was no sign of the kitty but I was not worried; the kitty had withdrawn into a hole in the union that Catherine said previously contained a family of raccoons. I brought out some kitty treats and gently shook them. I immediately saw a nose, then ears, then a kitty head poke up with the nose twitching at the smell of the treats. The kitty came to the treats and allowed me to gently stroke him. It was easy to scruff him and place him in the Kat Bag. Once back on the ground, I handed him off to Catherine was planned to look for his owner. The post-rescue picture below shows the kitty snuggling with Catherine. As I drove off, the kitty was enjoying a meal on Catherine's front porch.