"V" - Inside Stuck Outside

(late October 2017)

Executive Summary

"V" is an inside cat who escaped outside and became stuck 30 feet up a white oak tree for three days in Sumrall MS. She was very cooperative and made the rescue easy. Shelby, Jonathan, and Chelsea, many thanks for your extremely generous donation to the Oktibbeha County Humane Society!


I was driving to the "Jessie" rescue when I noticed a voice mail on the Kat Fone. It was from Shelby, her adult daughter's cat ("V") had been stuck for three days in a tree in Sumrall MS, could I help? She had been referred to me by the Hub City humane society. I called Shelby back and arranged to be there the next morning. Shelby told me that her husband, Jonathan, had tried a free climbing rescue earlier but that V had hissed at him and had retreated further up the tree. I was hoping that V would be friendlier to me.

When I pulled up at the house, Chelsea (V's person), met me and thanked me for coming out. She led me to the back yard where V was hanging out at about 30 feet. About that time, Shelby joined us and again thanked me for driving down. The white oak had many good tie-in points. I decided to climb a stem that was different from V's stem, so as to avoid spooking her. I also wanted to climb above her and then come down to her stem so that her escape route further up the stem would be cut off. After a couple of throw bag misses, I finally hit my target union and established a rope. I ascended above V's position, transitioned to the same side of the stem as 'V', and then put a lanyard on V's stem above her position. Through all of this V remained calm. A cold front with rain had come through the previous night and I believe she was ready to be out of the tree. As I attempted to pull myself over to V's stem, I notice that my lanyard was twisted up. This prevented me from getting close enough to V for a safe grab. I backed off, untwisted my lanyard, and re-positioned myself so that my Kat Bag hand would be closest to V. I pulled myself back over, where V allowed me to pet her, and then scruff her with no fuss. As I was coming down, Jonathan drove up in a tractor. I handed V over to Shelby and she was taken inside for food/water. The post rescue picture (courtesy of Shelby) shows V relaxing after her rescue. Shelby thanked me again before I left and gave a very generous donation to the Oktibbeha County Humane Society. I was more than happy to help. As an aside, both Shelby and Jonathan are retired military (Navy, Army) and I thank them for their many years of sacrifice for our country.