"Kitty" - A self Rescuing Kitty

(early December 2017)

Executive Summary

"Kitty" was stuck 30 feet up a tree for three nights in near freezing temperatures in Tupelo MS before her rescue. She self-rescued herself once I installed the rope and before I could start climbing. Now, please remember to do than on day #1 next time! Clay and Adrienne, thanks for the assistance!


During breakfast, I noticed a text on the Kat Fone sent earlier that morning about a kitty stuck near Tupelo MS. I called back and talked with Adrianne. Her inside kitty ("Kitty", 4 month female, a rescue kitty) had escaped outside a couple of nights before, and they had been unable to locate her until the previous night. She was stuck in a tree near their house and a cold front had moved in, dropping the temps near freezing. I arranged to be there later that morning.

When I arrived, I was met by Clay and Adrianne, who led me to the tree. "Kitty" was about 30 feet up in a hardwood, and there was a nice union at about 50 feet for a tie-in point. Kitty was softly meowing, and not moving around much. I hit the target union on my first throw bag shot, and pulled up my rope. I was just beginning to put on my climbing harness when Clay said "It looks like she is coming down". Sure enough, Kitty had climbed onto the trunk, pointed her butt down, and was starting to come down. I managed to get a little video of her heading to the ground. When she was about 6 feet from the ground, she jumped, landed softly, and took off -- 20 seconds later she was at her front door. The post-rescue picture below (courtesy of Adrianne, shows Kitty snoozing after her ordeal).