"Ty" is WAY WAY UP

(early Oct 2019)

Executive Summary

Felicia contacted me about Ty, who had been missing since Sep 27 (was now Oct 8). She had just found him, and he was 60 feet up a large pine tree about a block from her house in Anchor community (near Woodland), and about 30 yards off the road in a wooded area. I arrived the next morning at 7:00 AM and met Felicia, and her mother Lynette, who stayed with me while Felicia tended her children. The first limbs were at 50 feet, where I set a rope. As I climbed, Ty retreated 10 feet higher to 70 feet. I climbed slowly, sweet talking to Ty, hoping that he would not go higher. When I reached my tie-in point, I used two lanyards to slowly ascend towards Ty. Once close to him, I offered him some wet cat food which he gladly accepted. After a few bites, I put cat food away and Ty let me nab and bag him, with little complaint. Back on the ground, Lynette took him to the house for food and water. Lynette and Felicia, many thanks for your very generous contribution to the Oktibbeha County Humane Society!


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