"Kitty" - A Flubbed Rescue

(mid May 2019)

Executive Summary

How to turn an easy rescue into a hard rescue in only a few simple steps!

  1. Have a sweet, young kitty come right to you ready to get down, height is 45 feet in a pine tree.
  2. Rush the rescue by grabbing the kitty with off-bag hand.
  3. Have kitty go berserk when you scare the poor thing by roughly jerking it off the limb.
  4. Place kitty on trunk to stabilize berserk kitty.
  5. Try to grab with bag hand but over-the-shoulder tether that you did not unhook in the rush is blocking the grab. Awkwardly go under tether and try to transfer to bag hand.
  6. Berserk kitty writhes out of grasp during awkward transfer, falls to branch that is at 30 feet, runs along branch, jumps to branch in other pine tree.
  7. Spend an hour putting rope in other tree and trying to coax terrorized kitty that is way out on branch to you. FAIL.
  8. Get desperate, do shaky limb walk, use rescue pole, get lucky, and snare the kitty. Whew.

Brittany, thanks for your patience with this rescue! I am happy that Kitty is out of the tree!


See the executive summary.