"Yeti" in A Cedar Tree

(late January 2018)

Executive Summary

Angie called me about "Yeti", who had been stuck 25 feet up a cedar tree for the last two nights in Carrollton MS. When I arrived, Yeti was calmly strolling back and forth between the dense branches near the top of the tree. Angie explained that Yeti was a neighborhood cat who adopted Angie after a previous stuck-in-tree episode. The first time, Yeti was stuck for nearly two weeks before she became weak and fell out of the tree. Angie nursed her back to health, and now Yeti was living permanently at Angie's home. The cedar tree had very dense branches, making it an easy climb with just lanyards. Yeti rubbed her head and kneaded her paws as I approached her. I scritched her ears a bit, causing some loud purring. Yeti let me scruff her and put in the Kat bag with no struggle. Back on the ground, Angie took her to the house for food and water. After I packed up, Yeti let me pet her and snap a post-rescue photo. Angie, many thanks for your very generous donation to the Oktibbeha County Humane Society!


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