'Boodle' - The Kitty Stuck Out in the WET

(late January 2016)

Executive Summary

"Boodle" is a sweet tabby who was stuck 35 ft up an oak tree for three days, including a drenching rainstorm, in Charleston, MS before I was able to rescue her. I was able to convince Boodle with the help of some kitty treats and sweet talking that I was an OK sorta guy, so the rescue went smoothly.


It was late on a Monday afternoon when the Kat Fone yowled. Eric was calling about Boodle, who had been stuck up a tree for three days in Charleston, MS. Eric said that he had tried several rescue attempts including an attempt with a bucket truck via a friend, but they had all failed. So, it was a 'Help me Obi Wan Kanobi, you're my only hope' situation. I checked the calendar, canceled my meetings with the Kardashians and Congress, and told Eric that I could drive over the next day. However, I would have to wait until the afternoon as a major storm system with a lot of rain was passing through that night and the next morning. Fortunately, the temperatures would not fall below freezing, so I felt the kitty would be ok, but not happy. Eric told me that he and his wife had an appointment the next day that they could not miss, but that a family member would be there to help me.

When I arrived at the house, I immediately spotted Boodle in the oak tree, about 35 feet up. She was about 10 feet out on a limb, but I felt that I had a good chance of her coming to me as Eric said that Boodle had traveled closer to the rescuer in the failed bucket truck attempt. Eric's father as there to assist me. The tree was perfect for climbing, so I had a rope installed in very little time. When I was at height with Boodle, I started sweet talking to her and rattling a kitty treat bag around. She was distrustful, but clearly interested in the kitty treats. After a few minutes, she began creeping closer to check out the treats. Boodle was finally close enough to sniff the treats, but these must not have been her favorite as she began to turn around to head back out on the limb. I realized what was happening, and made a quick grab of her scruff before she could complete her turn on the narrow limb. Boodle did not struggle, so it was easy to stuff her into the kitty bag. When I reached the ground with the Bagged Boodle, Eric's father realized that he could not enter the house as he did not have the keys. After a consultation with Eric and his wife over the phone, the decision was made to put Boodle in a outdoor shop until they arrived home in a couple of hours. Eric's father made a quick trip to the dollar store for some kitty food and bowls, and soon we had Boodle safely in the outdoor shop with food and water. Boodle looked and acted fine, which was a relief to Eric when we talked on the phone.

A post-rescue picture of Eric snuggling with Boodle is to the right.