"Tip"-- A Kitty In A Cedar Tree

(early November 2016)

Executive Summary

"Tip" is an inside kitty who escaped outside, and promptly became stuck up a cedar tree in Plantersville MS. She was there for two days before I rescued her. Tip was friendly and cooperative, and the rescue was a breeze.


It was nearing noon when the Kat Fone yowled. It was Anna, her inside kitty had been stuck outside in a tree for two days, could I help? I arranged to be there later that afternoon. After arrival, Anna led me to the tree. It was a cedar tree, and "Tip" was only about 20 feet up, but she had been higher earlier. She seemed friendly, rubbing against the tree as we talked to her and clearly wanting to be rescued. I installed a line right under her perch, and started up. When I reached the limb, Tip had climbed about 6 feet higher, disliking the noises made during rope installation. I pulled out some kitty treats and shook them. Tip immediately decided that I was an OK guy and came down to my limb. I put the Kat Bag on while she was eating some treats that I placed on the limb. When I looked up, Tip was heading further out on the limb as she had finished the treats. I managed to nab her before she got out of range. A quick trip down and I handed Tip to Anna so that Tip could be brought inside for food, water, and loving. It was an easy rescue, and I always appreciate those! The pictures below of Tip as seen from the ground and Tip post-rescue are courtesy of Anna.